Finally....The Winner!

Well over a week after I said I'd post the winner....but better late than never, right?

Remember when I posted about using a ceramic egg tray as an earring tray?

Well, I finally input the numbers at random.org, and it came up with a winner!

Comment #1, which was by Donna!

Here's what you won!

An update on my closet and cleaning.....
things are getting there.
There's still a pile of clothes I'm trying to sell.
I have a big bag to donate.
 And my craft/junk room hasn't been touched yet.  :)
I'll get there some day!

And on a snowy note....
We have finally been getting some good snow and winter weather in Iowa!

Here's my view from this morning
when I went to clean off my vehicle.

A wet layer of snow, with some ice underneath.

Fun times!  :)


Donna said...


Nicole said...

So I'm not a big fan of snow, but I kind of wish maybe it would around here because at least then we'd be getting some kind of moisture!

traci said...

congrats donna!!! our snow is all gone already.

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