Organize: Earring Tray

Have you ever had a completely random thought jump in to your head,
that came from no where, and it was awesome?!

Don't you love it when that happens?

My recent thought was perfect, as I am in the process of cleaning out my closet.

The thought.....

To use a ceramic egg holder tray to hold some of my earrings.

 GENIUS!!  {or at least I think so}  :)

Lastly, I have just been placing the earrings on my dresser.
It was just inconvenient to try to put the earrings back on my little screen door.

Luckily, I had an egg tray sitting up in a cupboard.
I think I picked it up a couple years back on clearance at Jo-Ann's.
{The yellow one above.}

I did pick up another one from Fishs Eddy when they were running a sale.
I decided to put the earrings that I wear often in the egg trays. 

I have a mini screendoor that I use for the other earrings that aren't worn nearly as much.
And since I was getting things organized, I also got my dresser top cleaned up.

I have a few flower pins.
This little crate was full of other stuff.
But I cleaned it all out and put my flowers in there.


I think I need to find a better way to organize these...
maybe another thought will hit me someday soon.


The final product.  It isn't fancy.  But it's functional!

And it's your lucky day!

I'm giving away a celery green egg tray to one lucky winner!

Maybe you want to organize your earrings now as well.

Leave a comment with an organizing tip or suggestion,
and you'll be in the drawing!

I'll randomly select a name on Saturday, Jan 14.

{And if you don't use it for your earrings, no problem!}


Donna said...

What about using some ribbon to hang your flower pins on the wall...or something like your paper garland...I could see you coming up with some sort of cute wreath shaped holder for them. Maybe something created with the help of an embroidery hoop?

Jessica said...

I want it, I want it, I want it! I have NEVER seen these ceramic egg trays before - and that is ingenious! Love it.
I have a hanging thing for my earrings, too, but I never put them back there. It really only works well for the non-backed earrings. I am lucky if I put my earrings back every 2 months.

Does my photograph that I sent you earlier count? My organizing tip is this: Use a shower curtain rod to expand your hanging options in a small(er) walk-in closet.

Also: hang up pants, fold up sweaters before going to bed rather than piling them up on the hamper. (not that i know anyone who does that). (not that it's my new year's resolution, either.) :)

Nicole said...

OH MY GOSH how awesome are those egg trays! And that's a cute idea! I got a jewelry box a couple years ago for my birthday, yeah my earrings all still lay on the dresser. I wish I could give you a tip, but I just am not the best at that :)

Anna said...

Don't buy stuff then you don't have to organize it :) That's my motto for 2012. Live with less!

Amy said...

I've got it! Put strong magnets on the ends of different lenght sticks (dowls wrapped w/ chic cloth?) and 'plant' in a vase of marbles. Then you can have your flower pins hanging on the magnets, out as decor, and separated so you can see all your options! ;)

Mary Ann said...

I bought my earring organizer at Joann's... it is a small craft box that is divided into about 24 sections, like a tackle box would be... plastic... I have divided up my earrings in it according to time of year.

Hopscotch Dandelions said...

That little box with the horseshoes is so cute!! love the flowers too!

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