Howdy Kitchen: Peanut Butter Caramel Dip

Thanks to seeing a post at The Kitchen Tutor, I was inspired.  

I have made the typical cream cheese fruit dip many times before. 
It's a great 'go to' dip for fruit....or even pretzels! 
{I love sweet and salty!}

Because I'm weird and sometimes have texture problems with food,
I thought I'd leave out the peanuts from the dip, but add something else.....


Oh my, was it a great thing to do! 

Here's a rough idea of the recipe I used.

1 8oz block softened cream cheese
1 cup brown sugar
vanilla {to your liking}
1 cup peanut butter

I first mixed the cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla together until smooth.
{I hardly measure vanilla...is just pour it in.}  :)

I then added in about 1 cup of peanut butter.  Maybe less, maybe more.
{Again, I didn't measure...just did it.}

Mix it all up.  At this point, it will likely get very thick and sticky.

Now is when you start adding a few pours of milk, then mix.

Keep mixing and adding milk until you get to the texture/consistency you like.
Not too thick, but not runny.

I can guarantee you this...
I WILL be making this dip again.  Hopefully soon!

I didn't even dip any fruit in the dip this time.  Just pretzels.
Oh, I did spread some on cinnamon bread and warmed it up in the microwave  :)


1 comment:

Nicole said...

I so can't show this to my husband... it'll make a mad man out of him... LOL :) He loves peanut butter things

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