Howdy Kitchen: Wedding Treats!

This coming Sunday, my friend/neighbor/former co-worker Jessica is getting married!!

I have been 'hired' to make some sweet treats for the weekend.  Wahoo!
I'll be making a couple batches of these.....

One of these...

but playing with raspberries instead of mangos...with a raspberry sauce on the side.

And one of these....

This cheesecake wins the award for the single cheesecake I have made the most!
After this weekend, I think it will be #5.

But...I don't think any 2 have been exactly alike.

That's just how I roll. 

It's a good thing I have 12 cream cheeses in my possession!

Now, who wants to help me?  :)


Kim said...

YUM!!!!! thinking that would be one worth crashing :)

Donna said...

Would you send to me or post the recipe for the scotcharoo bites, please? :)

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