Howdy Kitchen: Cheesecakes!

I have been in a cheesecake mood lately! 

I finally got to satisfy that need when I was asked to make a cheesecake for a friend's bridal shower a couple weekends ago.  

Both of these cheesecakes were new adventures for me, since I haven't made either of them before.

First up.....

{Key} Lime

Next up....

Raspberry Swirl 

Last night, at a connection group birthday party, I gifted a choice of a cheesecake.  If I remember correctly, that one will be blueberry. 

Lastly, back in February at a friends fundraiser for their upcoming adoption, I donated a couple of gifts of 2 cheesecakes.  One of those was finally called in on today...for this weekend.

It will be a raspberry cheesecake.  I haven't yet figured out if it will be swirl, mixed in, or whatever else I come up with.

One of these days, I am going to have to make one for myself, but of course share it with others!  The flavor I think I will make.....Strawberry Lemonade! 


{The Howdy Kitchen is for hire to make cheesecakes for your upcoming party, celebration, family gathering, or just because you want one!}

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Both look delish! I love the hearts on the key lime- perfect detail!!

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