Howdy Kitchen: Cheesecake Woes!

Happy, sunny, lovely temps Tuesday!

What a great day it would be to be spending it outside, where the sun is shining, the weather is fantabulous, and I could get a little color on my skin.  But, instead, I have the privilege of {sitting inside, in a library, in a small room, with no windows to see the real outside}assisting students (today they are sophomores) with making their college dreams a reality.  I do love doing this.  But when the weather is just lovely out, I really makes me want to be back at the farm!  {Don't worry, I am working on this post when no students are present.}

Anyway, on with the post....

Sunday after playing with 22 babies in the nursery and then attending the next service, I headed to Aldi's to do some quick shopping before I headed back the other direction towards home.  What was I going after?  Cheesecake and cupcake ingredients.

As I left Aldi, I walked out of there 12 blocks of cream cheese, 2 white cake mixes, 2 vanilla puddings, 2 orange jellos, and some other things 'richer'.  

I have grand plans for the cake mix, pudding, and jello.  Maybe I'll get to make them this afternoon. 

What I did make, was a blueberry swirl {white chocolate} cheesecake and a peanut butter cup cheesecake.  Both of these were requests for birthdays present and past.

The blueberry swirl {white chocolate} cheesecake was a first for me making this one.  It tasted delicious!  I need to find a better way to incorporate white chocolate than trying shave a white chocolate bar.  Too much work when running short on time!  I'm thinking mini white chocolate chips would be pretty tasty in that recipe.  

When the blueberry cheesecake was completed, I whipped up the filling for the peanut butter cup cheesecake.  I put it in the oven.  Then forgot about it.....literally!  I was hanging out at my friend/neighbor/rodeo watchin' buddy Amy's place.  Somewhere well over an hour and a half to 2 hours later, I remembered I had a cheesecake in the oven, then took off running up the stairs.  I was scared for what I was going to find.  

Low and behold, it wasn't all the bad.  Yes, the top and sides were well done, but I was able to cut off the really bad parts.  I wasn't too worried about the top, since I was going to put chocolate ganache on top of it. 

When I delivered that cheesecake Monday afternoon, after taking it with me to work to keep cold and not being able to eat a piece of it, I informed Christy that it might not meet her expectations....and to not get her hopes up.  But....I was more than pleased to receive a text from her that said 'Cheesecake is a huge hit!'.  That just calmed my fears of my failures.

Monday while at work, I made the decision that I NEED to get myself a timer.  I can't have that happen again.  Next time, I might not be so lucky!

I went online to Amazon.com, and found myself this cute little KitchenAid red timer.  I figured, since my mixer is red, I might as well get a red timer! 

If you haven't heard about SwagBucks yet, please let me know!  I 'bought' this timer with 4 Amazon $5 gift cards I earned through SwagBucks.  I knew I had $20 in Amazon.com gift cards waiting to be used.  What I didn't realize, I also had another $10 in Amazon.com gift cards sitting there, still not used!  What?  How could I forget?!  It was a nice surprise.  To top off getting a free KitchenAid timer, I still have about $10 left in Amazon.com gift cards!  Wahoo!!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely weather as well!


Christy said...

Yes, the cheesecake was indeed delicious. Thanks again!!! Everyone at Connection Group was SO impressed that you made it from scratch. And I am not yet a swagbucks user, but I think I should get into it, sounds like a fantastic deal!

Blogger said...

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