Street Photographer

Back when our office hosted a 'farewell' gathering for Jessica, a colleague from another TRiO program commented about the camera I was using.  A day or 2 later he stopped by our office and asked about the camera again {because I think it was sitting on my desk}.  I guess he thought it was our program's camera....but it's my own!   He then told me that he has the same one, and we chatted about it.  Somehow it came out that I pretty much carry it around with me everywhere.  But, that's not saying I take pictures all the time.  {It usually happens that when I really want pictures, I don't have it with me.}  I also mentioned that I wanted to take a class or something to better learn about my camera and all that I could make it do, since I really haven't a clue.  I'm just learning as I go. 

Today he sent me an email.  All it had was a link and 'Check this out.' 

And I did. 

Now it's time for you to check it out.

How inspiring! 

Now I really want to learn more about my camera. 

It reaffirms my enjoyment of photography. 

It confirmed to me that you don't have to be a 'professional' in order take amazing pictures.

It's okay to have your own eye for photography.

That's what makes you unique.  Who what's pictures that all look alike?

I'm not crazy for always having my camera with me.  I need to ignore the looks people might give me as I stop to take a picture of something random.  They are the crazy ones for not taking pictures.

As of now, I have no desire to try to be a professional photographer.

I most definitely enjoy taking pictures for me.  {And to share with others.} 

But, now I am on the hunt of how to better myself.  Whether it be a great class, a video, or even a book on photography. 

Until I find it, I'll just keep on having fun!


D&J said...

That's pretty awesome, Nicole. What amazing photos!

Lori said...

Wow - awesome post! I love this! A new inspiration for me to keep shooting pictures and carrying my camera with me everywhere. Need to update that photo blog while I'm at it! :)

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