Europe 2010 - Day 5

Updated:  We are currently in Austria.  I forgot to mention that. :)

So far for the 3 days we woke up in Europe {not including the airplane}, this morning was by far the most exciting.  The night before, we arrived to our hotel at night.  And it was foggy.  Which means we didn't see anything around us.  When we opened the curtains on the window in the morning, Gina and I got giddy when we saw this!

There was no snow on the ground when we went to bed,
but there sure was when we got up!

Finally, a glipse of our hotel in the daylight.  :)  Doesn't the hotel look quaint?  One thing we quickly learned about homes/hotels in Europe....lots of them have barns out back, if not connected to the building.  Even if the hotel is in town!

Thanks to the daylight, this little church was just too picture worthy to not take it.  When I saw this, I yelled at our driver and made him pull over so I could get a couple good pictures.  {Thanks dad for meeting my demands!}  :)

The next time I have a Europe 2010 post {who knows when that will be!}, I will most likely be changing from blogging about the entire day, to each location/site we see.  Most days, we saw at least a couple of sites.  It just seemed too overwhelming to me to try to keep blogging about each day. 

The sites get only better from here on out.

The End!

1 comment:

traci said...

gorgeous sites they are. i have never been to Europe. i am living through your photos. can't wait til the next installment. did you get my check???

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