Europe 2010 - Neuschwanstein

According to our official travel guide, my sister Gina, the Neuschwanstein castle is what the Cinderella Castle at Disney World/Land is based off of.

After getting to town, finding our parking lot, being the only ones in the parking lot, we got to wondering what was going on.  But, after a short 'hike' up a hill, we came upon lots of people.  A couple of tour buses had just unloaded, and were in line to get tickets to go inside the castle.  But again, thanks to our tour guide, we passed on the tickets to see inside the castle {because it isn't finished or that grand}.

Instead, we got in line for a 'carriage ride' up to the castle. 

Here were the guys pulling our 'carriage'.

At the top of the 'mountain'.....it sure felt like a mountain on the ride up.  There was hardly any extra room for a car to pass the carriage!  Anyway, at the top, this is the view you will see if you look the other way.  I thought it was lovely!

It was such a big contrast of where we just came from.

Now, if you turn back around and look the other way, this is what you might see.

The carriage takes you only to a certain spot, and you must walk the rest.  This pictures was from the remaining walk up. 

Don't the two views look so different?  Who knew it is all the same castle!

It was easy to tell that it took a long time to complete this castle.  There are spots where the color the stones used change part way up.

{Hi Mom & Dad!}

While at the castle, there was this little trail that Gina so badly wanted us to go on, so we could get a better picture of the castle.  But due to the recent snow fall, they closed off the path.  Usually all paths lead somewhere.  This path.....it lead to a bridge.  And thanks to my sister and her sneaky ways, she got inside the castle and took a picture of the bridge.  Ok.  She went inside to ask a tour guide if they were going to open the path up.  And while inside, looked out the window and saw the bridge. 

{I can't forget to mention, we walked up and down the hill a couple of times, thinking they would open it back up when we saw a tractor go by moving snow.}

Now, here is the picture of the bridge.  {Thanks Gina for sharing the picture!}

Can you see the bridge waaaaay back there?   Inbetween the two cliffs?  It would have been a site to see the castle from the bridge.  But instead, we got to enjoy the bridge from the castle.  :)

Of course, while up by the castle, I had to get a picture of my cowgirl boots....in the snow, none the less.  :)

{So far, the boots have been in Germany and Austria.}

After we viewed the castle, and finally made our way down the 'mountain' for the last time, across the way you can spot another castle.

I can't remember what this castle is/was, but it sure was much brighter than any of the others we saw.

Finally, we made our way back to spot where we began our carriage ride.

Way up yonder.....you can see the castle. 

After seeing that, I was SOOOO glad we did not walk up the mountain.  The walk down was doable, but the walk up....not so much.

On our way out of the town, I again yelled at our driver to stop so I could get some pictures.  Thanks dad!

As you can tell, it was a little foggy today.  Thankfully, it wasn't too foggy.  Some of the pictures are a little hazy because of the fog.  Oh well.  That's what makes the pictures authentic!

While visiting Neuschwanstein, I found it to be quite unique how people comunicate.  If you recall, I said that a couple tour buses had just unloaded when we got to the main area.  The tour buses were of many Asians.  From which part of Asia, I am unsure.  But what I found unique, the Asians could not speak German, the Germans could not speak the Asian language, but they all were able to speak English. 

Actually, this happened more often than not.  At most of the touristy parts, English was a common language.  We would greet and say something in 'German', but then they would quickly change to English.  Sometimes, we would even be greeted in English, even if we didn't speak first.  I have no idea how they could tell, but they could!  It sure made communication easier.

But I also enjoyed learning a new language, and trying to remember it.  However, I'm afraid I haven't retained much of what I learned.

Next stop, another castle.


Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! These are fabulous pictures! I love the "boots" picture!

Mindy said...

Beautiful picture of the bridge and one of the castle. And the bright castle shining through, as though you photoshopped it.
They probably could tell from your COWBOY BOOTS!

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