Farmgirl In...Colorado

Thanks to another database training for work, I had the privilege of going to Colorado again!

Every time I go there, I love it!

Here are some pictures from my trip.  
Day 1...a trip to Mt. Evans, immediately after landing.

Do you see the elevation?

My recommendation....
don't go to the highest road in North America within a few hours of landing in Colorado.

We all got dizzy.
There wasn't enough time to adjust to the new altitude.

Next time, or for you to take note,
don't make the trip up the highway until you get use to the elevation.
After getting off an airplane and getting the rental car, this was our first destination.
The higher up we went, the worse it got.
My sinuses hurt, and so did my ears. 
I got a little dizzy if I moved too fast.
So I just took it nice and slow.
It was weird.

But the scenery and views were awesome!





 There are even some fun little critters that pose for you.  :)


How can you not enjoy Colorado with the beautiful scenery it holds?!



what a great perk to your job!! gorgeous photos!!

The Rustic Chick said...

Love Colorado and those pictures make me want to go back! It is so pretty there!

Nicole said...

So want your job :)

Jodee said...

Wow! What a fun trip! We were suppose to be heading to Denver on Thursday, however, decided to stay back until we get our house sold. Boo hoo!

Christy Lee said...

Colorado is my favorite state to visit.

I found you through someone else I follow on Instagram. I love your blog and I'm following your Pinterest too. You seem like a kindred spirit!! :)

Christy Lee

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