I survived the


This past Friday morning,
I headed a few miles down the road 
to the wedding/reception venue.

It was time to get my baking on!

I decided to bake the cupcakes at the venue...
because there were 3 ovens!  
As well as lots of counter space.


The 3 recipes I used are all from scratch.
No boxed mixes for this wedding!

{I'll share the recipes another day.}

Strawberry Lemonade
Red Velvet

 Saturday, I frosted the cupcakes.

I thought it would be best to break it up in to two days.

Plus, I didn't know how the icing would hold up.

The red velvet had cream cheese.

Chocolate has chocolate buttercream.

Strawberry lemonade with strawberry lemonade wedding cake frosting.
{I made this recipe up myself.  Kind of proud of it!}

 In the end, there were over 300 cupcakes.

I made sure each of the piping tips was different, 
so each cupcake looked different.

 When I left the reception Saturday night, there were only a handful left....
and there were still over 2 hours of the reception/dance to go!

Believe it or not, I think I'd do it again if asked!

So, who needs some cupcakes?



Lisa said...

YUM!!! I will be watching for the recipes!

traci said...

nicole. you did an amazing job. those strawberry lemonade ones sound perfect for this time of year.


NOM NOM!! those are gorgeous & sound AMAZING!!!

The Rustic Chick said...

Looks yummy! Now I want a cupcake! :o)

Nicole said...

I saw these on Instagram and soooooo want the recipes. They look AMAZING!

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