Center Grove Orchard Play/Work

Finally...HARVEST season and fall have arrived!

If you didn't already know, harvest time is my favorite season of the year.

Crisp weather. 
Time spent in fields during harvest. 
Fun at Center Grove Orchard!

Again this year, I have the joy of playing working at the Orchard.  

What started out as mainly weekends has turned in to many more hours.
And I'm thrilled with that!

Any time I get to spend on a farm is fabulous in my eyes.
I'm sure getting my fill this fall.

Doing farm photography for LongView Farms.
'Playing' at Center Grove Orchard.
Just too bad I haven't had time to head back to the family farm for some fun.  :(

This year, I have 2 main jobs/duties at the Orchard.

1. Driving the hayride tractor.

2. Making the fudge that is sold in the store.

{And watching entire pans of it 'disappear' in only 1 work day...
leaving only the sample piece left.}

Pretty different jobs if you ask me.  
But it's a good thing I enjoy both.

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If you are lucky enough, you just might have me driving the hayride tractor in my pearls and flats.

Which is what happened on Monday, when I was asked to fill in for a driver who could no longer drive evenings.  My response, "Sure!  As long as you don't care how I'm dressed."
 I didn't have time to run home to change after my real job before the fun job.

As I made my last round to the pumpkin patch that evening to pick up a mom and an excited bunch of boys, I was greeted with a big pumpkin!
 My first thoughts...I wonder how they are going to lift that to the hayride.
The mom and boys tried.  No success.
I tried helping them out, but that was just not working.

Then the farmgirl in me took over.
I lifted the whole thing up to the hayride...on my own.

{Remember, I'm still in my cute work clothes and wearing my pearls.}

In the end....I lifted the pumpkin to the hayride, moved it off the hayride to the pumpkin barrow, pulled it in the pumpkin barrow to the store, the pulled it, moved it, and lifted it again to weigh it....
all while wearing my pearls.

Here's the pumpkin.

The weight of it.....
{photo taken from the Center Grove Orchard Facebook page..faces blurred by me}

Did you read that?


No wonder it was a little heavy.  Jeesh!

Last night I decided to show my true farmgirl self,
and sport my cowgirl boots.

It's kind of dusty out there!
Even though harvest is going on, I don't think a little moisture would be bad right now.
Things are dry and dusty in the corn and bean fields as well.

One of my {many} favorite things about the Orchard/farm....
the sunsets!

They are absolutely amazing!
I just can't get enough of them.
Which is why I feel like I have a different sunset picture every night.  :)

Yup.  Love it!

Oh, and if you are sneaky like me,
you just might catch the boss-man himself
having a little 'play time' in the kid area.

{Okay...maybe he was just back-filling the dirt in to any holes kids dug.}



The Rustic Chick said...

So jealous! I want your job...that looks like lots of fun! Also fall is my favorite time of year also!

traci said...

what a great place to work. i have to say, it's perfect for you. i love all the shots.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!!! I wish my farm looked like that...maybe someday!!

Nicole said...

Looks like a blast! I want a job like that too :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures!!! And your blog is so much fun~

visit my blog!

Rural Revival said...

This looks like the best job ever. So fun!

102 lbs...wow!!

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