Sweet Corn Debate

I finally had my first ear of Iowa sweet corn last night.

It was delicious!

After work yesterday I stopped at Aldi.
While loading up on flour, sugar, powered sugar, cream cheese, and butter
{for the 240+ cupcakes I'll be making/baking tomorrow}
I decided to grab some bacon to have with my sweet corn.

Growing up, I often remember having BLTs with sweet corn.
But me being me and the picky eater I am, I'd have BLCs instead.
Bacon, Lettuce, Cheese.
{Sometimes I'll get a little adventurous and even add deli meat!}

And that's what I made myself last night.

It hit the spot!

When I posted the picture on Instagram, it seemed that lots of others eat BLTs with their sweet corn as well.

Which got me to thinking, what are other ways people add a meal to their sweet corn?

So please share your favorite meal with sweet corn.
Let's get this sweet corn debate going.  


Another meal I really enjoy is brats and sweet corn.  Yum!


Katlyn said...

Growing up, with a dad who plants sweet corn, we took advantage of it almost every night one week. We went as far as having it with pancakes and eggs :) We brekkes eat it with anything. ;)


we usually had lunch meat sandwiches & cottage cheese with it growing up. Now we have ANYTHING w/it.. last night it was Tbones, last week, Ribeyes. the difference now is that the corn is eaten first, almost as an appetizer while the meat is cooking & growing up it was last, almost as a treat after we'd eaten the rest of the meal :)

Jodee said...

We love, love, love sweet corn. In fact, we had it tonight with chicken on the grill and it was delish! We eat it with steak too!

Nicole said...

haha we eat it with anything and everything :)

Anonymous said...

We are fortunate to live near the Chesapeake Bay and sweet corn is almost always a partner with a steamed crab feast! And, the best part is having leftover sweet corn which in our house the next morning is cut off the cob, fried a bit with a little onion in butter and then scrambled with eggs and topped with garden ripe tomatoes! OMG, I love summer!

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