Bracelet Board

Awhile back I was on the hunt for a bracelet board/holder.  

Somewhere I came across a blog that had a slab of wood, where the gal put fun knobs on it.

{Sorry I can't find it now!}

It took me a while, but I eventually got it done!

The starting point....

Finding a fun piece of blue wood from JB Knacker, in Gilbert, IA.

{Yes, I know I could paint a piece of wood a fun blue,
but this piece had some great character.}

I collected some knobs from HobLob when they were 50% off....
but had to make another trip to a different store when I changed
my mind on what colors I wanted.

Good thing they were still 50% off!

After some measuring and drilling,
here's the finished product.

{all photos taken with my iPhone....and late at night}


Do you have any idea of how hard it is to pick out only 5 knobs from Hobby Lobby,
and not wanting to keep changing them?

I'll tell you...it's hard.

Even looking at these pictures now, I think I want to change some of them up.


{Go Cylcones!}

Due to the knobs having a little nut on the back to hold them in place, 
the board sticks out from the wall a little bit.

But no big deal.  I just hung it up on a nail that is a little longer.

And do you notice the chain?

My dad found that somewhere in a shop while trying to find some
wire to hang the board. 

I like the look of the chain a lot more!  :)

Look at all the rusty and chippy goodness!

A look at my necklaces and bracelets...nicely organized.

The bracelets on the board were purchased from two great places.

Mama Peacock......I LOVE her stuff!!

Lather and Lace.....in addition to jewelry, fabulous lotions and things!



traci said...

that is such a great idea. and i love the blue chippy wood too.

Nicole said...

Super awesome idea!


I love it!

Dad said...

That chain was in a box of "stuff" of your Grandpa's that Grandma cleaned out of the garage. I'm sure they have more if you want to look.

The Rustic Chick said...

Love this! Turned out so cute! I need something like this!

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