An Instagram Life

I feel like I haven't taken many pictures with my 'real' camera lately.

But at least I'm using my iPhone camera/Instagram like it's my job!  

My past week in pictures....starting with last Friday {since I don't have a picture for today yet}.

I had the privilege of helping the Little Prairie Girl {& Guy} at their booth during Junk Jubilee.

 Day 2 of Junk Jubilee!

Day 3 and final day of Junk Jubilee.
{Sporting my new apron from Just Claudia!}


Campus visit to Simpson College.  
9th and final day of campus visits for the month.

I picked up a couple of new magazines to read, in addition to a couple I already had.

 Wednesday:A night of kid wrangling during one of the kiddo's 8th birthday, in addition to a Senior & Staff Recognition Dinner at Rube's Steakhouse.

{I think he was a happy boy to have steak for his birthday!}

2nd night of kid wrangling my favorite country kids.   
Both girls wanted braids in after their showers.
2 heads, 4 braids, all completed in about 25 minutes.

What are your weekend plans?

I have another kid wrangling gig tonight.

Saturday will be a fun day I get to spend with Mama Peacock and Little Prairie Girl, heading north to the The Prairie Chick sale!

Sunday I'll be across the River to the east with my family.  

Lots of traveling in my future.

Make it a great weekend y'all!



I was SO BUMMED to miss the sale last weekend! :(( no wonder they always have you back! you ROCK the wranglin'!!

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed at people who can take such great pictures with their phones. It sounds like the kids have been keeping you busy!

Nicole said...

You'll definitely be a good momma if you can braid that much hair that fast. I can barely french braid! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love instagram...I was so jealous of all that junk. Nothing like that on the east coast that I know of.

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