Wrangling At The Farm

Today I had the fun of kid wrangling, what I like to call, my farm kids. 
I always have a good time with these kids.  

Today, we started out with an impromptu run to Ames to go to Borders.  Thanks to Avery's gift cards, each of the kids got to pick out a book.  I also picked up a magazine for myself.  I'll talk more about it later. 
But here's your hint....CUPCAKES!  :)

Anyway, after Borders, we went out for supper at my favorite Mexican restaurant....El Azteca.  It was enjoyed by all 4 of us!

Once we get back to the farm, Avery had to take care of her chores, and feed her calf.  His name started out as Hop-Scotch, when she first thought it was a girl.  But, when she learned it is actually a boy, she changed his name to Whoops.  However, I tried to get her to change the name to 'Wrangler'.  I'm thinking it might have to be the name of the next dog at the farm....once dad find what he wants.  {Please take note of the name mom and dad!}

Here's Avery with Whoops.  

Carson wanted in on a picture too.

The kids wanted to take my picture with Whoops.

This guy could not be distracted from his food!  He literally licked the bowl clean, and kept hoping there was more in there.  He kept moving around the bowl, and wouldn't stand still for the picture.  Therefore, you get a picture of his rump. 

{He had a pretty messy backside.  That's what you get with calves.  But I thought I'd cover it up for you.}

Oh, and be sure to watch your step!

While Avery was rolling up the water hose, Carson wanted to have a little photo shoot for himself.  He sure hammed it up!  Here's a fun one.  Who knew that this cowboy would love to have his picture taken!

On our way out of the barn, Avery stopped to have a little fun as well.

We were greeted by this big guy as we stepped out of the barn door.

Across the drive are these ladies.  They were finishing up their supper....and thinking we were bringing them more.
Sadly, we disappointed them.

If it wasn't raining on us, and a big mess in the yard, their little sister Keegan would have joined us.  However, she opted to stay inside, watching a movie.

One of these days, I need to get myself some mud boots.  This is 2 times within a few weeks that I could have used some.  

What do you think about these?  Is there a rule against being stylish on the farm?  :)


Mandy said...

I have some ya know? They aren't super comfy but work well.

traci said...

nothing like a day at the farm. i love calves. karlies boyfriend has lots of cattle. lots of work there. cute boots. get them. you will be one stylish lady on the farm.

Mindy said...

Love the boots- maybe try out Mandy's first? Love the picture of Carson- I think his grandma would LOVE that one!

Jessica said...

I appreciate the censorship! ;-)

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