Cupcake Crush

I have some serious lack-of-blogging trouble going on!
Sorry about that!  

I guess I am just living life, and forgetting to share about it.  
And I know Gina doesn't like that.  

So for you sister, I am going to do my best to recap some of the things
that have happened that you wanted to see pictures.

But that will start later. 
Today, it's about cupcakes {and resumes}, since that was my life last week.

{Strawberry Wine...regular and mini size}

 A couple few weeks ago, Mama Peacock and I did a little bartering.
I'd do some baking for her in exchange for some jewelry for me!

That's my kind of barter!

 So last week, I got to baking.  I started the baking on Tuesday evening.

I made a batch of strawberry wine cupcakes. 
Because of the frosting I like to use, I did not frost them yet.

I then ended the night reading a couple resume's for work.

Wednesday I made red velvet.  No picture there.
I did NOT want to get red food coloring on anything.  

Just know, they are from scratch and delicious!

Of course, I ended the evening reading a couple more resumes again.

{Stack of resumes/applications!}

Thursday night, I decided to frost the strawberry wine cupcakes.  
The frosting is a fun lime/mint green color, topped with fun sprinkles.

Then, of course, I got back to the resumes.

{Cupcakes & Resumes}

At some point, Thursday night, I made up a batch of doctored up devils food cupcakes,
with cream cheese frosting.
I really don't remember if I made them to make them, or who they were for!  Jeesh.

But, at some point well after midnight, I enjoyed a little snack while reading resumes.


{Doctored Up Devil's Food}

Maybe I had extra regular sized cupcakes from making a bunch of mini ones.
I can't remember.  Man, where is my mind going?

{Update:  3 hours later I remember....
I made them for the Search Committe meeting on Friday at work!}

To the cupcakes, obviously!

These little guys were for Mama Peacock & family's going away party Sunday evening.

 These little cuties were for the party as well. 
They are strawberry lemonade cupcakes, with lemonade frosting.

Due to some of my recent pictures I've posted on Facebook, I was asked if I take orders.

I usually just make cupcakes because I enjoy it, and I enjoy eating them.  :)

But I'm happy to make them for people as well!

With that, I added a new tap at the top of my page.

It is titled 'Cupcake Crush'.

I have listed some of the cupcakes I've made, as well as others that interest me.
I'm pretty sure that all the ones I have made aren't on the list.
I don't always remember what I do when I doctor up a recipe.

In July, I get the pleasure of making a bunch of cupcakes
for some friends' wedding reception!

If you have any fun/favorite cupcake recipes, please share!

I always like new and fun ideas.

Happy Baking/Eating!


traci said...

ok....do you know how hungry i am now? i could eat them all.

Nicole said...

So where did you find these recipes? especially the first champagne ones!

Jay and Gina said...

Cupcakes are lovely and all, but not when I can't eat them. So keep up with the rest of life too!!! Put a picture up of you so I can remember what you look like!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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