At the Farm: Planting Beans!

My second favorite season....
Planting Season.

Because.....it leads to my favorite season....
Harvest Season!


I was a big farmgirl, and took all these pictures using 'manual' focus.
That was a fun little adventure.

I've messed around with it before, but don't stick with it.
It's my goal to keep on using it as much as I can,
until it becomes natural.

{None of the pictures have been altered....except for the addition of the watermark.}

One of my favorite nephews joined me in the field.  He wanted to see his dad working.
Plus, he wanted to see his New Holland tractor and his Kinze planter.

Oh, life on a farm.

I love it!

I hope you all have an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! I used to use manual focus a lot, but kids get awfully blurry. :-) I love the picture with the mirror!

traci said...

farm life is the best. good luck getting all the beans in. and great job using manual. proud of ya!!

Jodee said...

Love, love, love these farm pictures! Carson and Kamree love to visit their uncle's farm!

On the way home from Adv. Land, Cory asked, "Who is Farmgirl Chaos? She offered to babysit!" You should have brought your nephew over to swim! We were at the Holiday Inn Express near Adv. Land.

Cowgirl Red said...

I nice glimpse into a farm girl's life. Terah from farmchicks

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