Campus Visits

How many campus visits can one go on in 1 month?  LOTS!

This year, I am actually going on fewer than I have in the past.

So far, 4 days of visits have taken me to 6 campuses.

Visit 1:

{I didn't think about documenting the visits until after we left!}

Visit 2:

Visit 3:

Visit 4:

I still have a couple more visits left.

Buena Vista University
Simpson College

Due to staff changes and such, I have also missed out on a couple of visits I usually go on.

Maybe next year!

During all these visits, I always realize I didn't visit any other colleges other than
Iowa State University.

ISU had the agriculture program I wanted, so I went.  

If you went to college, what was it?
Since it's my job, I like learning about where people went, and 'new' places to
introduce to my students.

And...have you ever been on a college campus that you just don't like?
Yup.  I have.  
It might be a big rival to ISU.
Been there about half a dozen times, and I'm always glad to leave. 



Nicole said...

I went to school at SMS (now Missouri State University) in Springfield. It's not where I wanted to go, but it's where I went. I wanted to go to OSU... Never let a boy determine your future, just saying! I've been to MU in Columbia, didn't care for it. I've been to NDSU & SDSU but just short periods of time... I got lost easily :). Luckily locals got me around :). I never did college tours when I was deciding where to go. I had a plan, a plan that fizzled out. Now I'm back at MSSU in Joplin and HATE IT

Kim said...

I didn't do college visits either, I was going to go to ISU for Vet Med & that was that. I did get to stay w/a student friend for a week in February so I guess I kinda visited. I ended up NOT going there but rather to SWCC & commuting the 30+ miles every day (couldn't agree more w/Nicole about letting a boy determine your future) then I only did 3 semesters & dropped out.. BOO!!!

The Rustic Chick said...

Thanks for the kind comment! And glad to hear from fellow Iowans! It sounds like you go out in your boots a lot...you should send me a pic so I can post it in the "Going Out In Your Boots" category!!! therusticchick@gmail.com :o)

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