Keepin' It Rural

Because I'm needing a little farm fix right now...
I thought I'd share with you as well.  :)

Just 3 of my brother's cattle.
According to mom, there are now calves in the view.

 A patch of blue bells along the creek at the farm.

 Chicken's in transit to their new home.

 One of my favorite views!
On a hilltop, about 1 mile from the farm.
{The farm is on the left side in the back of the picture.}

Yup.  Love this shirt!

A while back, my friend Amy and I took our friends' dog on a walk on their farm.  

When out checking out the waterways my brother fixed,
it's no big deal to stop in the middle of the road to talk with a neighbor.
{We were in a Ranger.}

So, until I can get my real fix at the farm,
the pictures will have to do.  


1 comment:

traci said...

glad you got your farm fix. really puts things in perspective doesn't it. love the farm.

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