Red Shoes


Was my last post really April 4?

Sorry folks!

Just keeping busy in the office and on campus visits,
doing a little crafting/creating,
Easter at the farm,
a work conference in Des Moines,
and a Saturday spent with Little Prairie Girl {LPG} & her guy!

I made a quick trip to the LPG farm on Saturday.
My reason...to help with painting, prepping, and junking!

And a successful day I think it was.

When you end your night and have red spray paint residue on your shoes and white shirt sleeves,
that makes it a success day, right?
{Can you see the hint of red on my shoes in the picture at the top? 
I didn't notice that until I got home!}

You betcha!

Be sure that you all mark your calendars for

APRIL 27, 28, & 29!

The 2nd Annual 
Junk Jubilee!!

It will not disappoint.

Head over to the Vendor page to see who all will be there!

I think I'll be heading back to the LPG farm again this weekend to help out some more.

Let me tell you...the colors are awesome!  But I won't share them yet.

I don't want to ruin the fun quite yet.  
Plus, I guess I should check with Natalie first {LPG}.

But I guess you know that red is one of the colors. :)

Have a creative and productive week!

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