Howdy Kitchen: Grilled .... & Cheese Love!

Tonight, while making supper, I realized I have been on a
Grilled {insert a food item} and Cheese sandwiches lately.

Last weekend while at my sister's, I made Grilled Turkey, Spinach, and Cheese.

A couple times this past week, I made Grilled Tuna and Cheese.

Tonight, I made Grilled Sloppy Jill's and Cheese.

I have also hand Grilled Cheeseburgers.

What other type of Grilled {something} and Cheese am I missing out on?

Please share!


traci said...

looks good to me. i am pretty sure you've covered it all.

Nicole said...

We had smoked sausage & smoked Cheddar grilled cheese sammies the other night.

Natalie at Little Prairie Girl said...

i like to saute onions & mushrooms first and then add them when making my grilled cheese sandwich. Sometimes I mix it up with Monterey Jack, Smoked Swiss, Jalapeno etc....ooey gooey and AWESOME!

I see you are a fellow Iowa blogger too! Yeah!

I am having our first Barn sale March 23 & 24 10 am to 6 pm here on our farm in Holland, IA. Lots of vendors & fabulous junk with a mix of home based vendors too! See our facebook page for a listing of vendors.

Natalie Meester
Little Prairie Girl

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