I Got My Hair Did!

At some point last week, I said to myself....

I am done with this hair!

I can't remember what prompted it, but I was ready for a change.

For some reason, I love changing my hair up.
I guess I have the attitude of

It's just hair, it'll grow back!

But it has been quite awhile since I have done something 'different' with my hair.

Unless if you consider trying to grow it out 'different'.

Lucky for me, my friend and stylist Ashley was available
for assisting with the little change on Friday.
{And I already had the day off, which made things even better!}

I searched through Pinterest Thursday night for some short hair styles,
and saw many that I love!

However, since I have been blessed with lots of thick hair,
many of the styles I like won't work.

But, I put my trust and hair in Ashley's hands, and let her do her thing.



And the end result!

A few months ago, my mom gave me a body perm.
As Ashley cut my hair, which in turn cut some weight from it, it started to curl up!

I think it makes the cut kind of fun!

I have yet to attempt to style it straight, but oh well.  I'll get there some day.

Obviously, this was a great change for me. 
I posted the last picture on Facebook, and had many 'likes' and comments on it.  :)

Thanks Ashley for the fun do!


Nicole said...

Wow, that is a change, but definitely cute! At first when I saw the other pic, I thought that was the after photo until you said this was before... LOL :)

traci said...

LOVE IT!!! looks so cute on you. you must feel a lot lighter. i did that last summer and loved it.

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