This and That

Get ready for some randomness.....

After a work meeting on Friday, my coworker and I headed to the Brass Armadillo in Des Moines, since he had some more things to add to his little sale area.  {Plus, we were about 5 miles from it.} 

This was my first time there.
 I have driven by this place I don't know how many times, but never stopped.
I don't know if I'll go back.  Prices are outrageous.
Well, not all.  But the things I liked, ridiculous!
Go figure.

I did spy this....

Growing up, this same canister set could be seen on the kitchen counter at the farm!
Who knew someone would now charge about $40 for all the pieces.
Too bad mom took her set to Good Will!

For some reason, it seems that most of this snow has already melted!  :(

I feel like I am one of only a few people who actually like/appreciate the snow.
I wish we had more.  :)

When mom and dad visited for my birthday,
I also got this treat.

And I ate them all!  They were delicious.  
I might have had 1 or 3 for breakfast at some point in time as well.  :)

I joined a new bandwagon.

'Turn a Canning Jar into a Travel Mug.'

On my way to Perry today for work, I had a jar with orange and pomegranet juice in it.
Once I drank that, I replaced it with water.
At lunch time, I moved the lid over to a different jar I had filled with milk.
Now that lunch is over, I moved it back to the water jar.

I love and have about a dozen drinking jars with handles. 
Unfortunately, the lid is for the widemouth jars only.  
So no fun travel jar with a handle on it for me.
Just the plain 'ol widemouth Ball jar.
But it is still fun!

Now how was that for some randomness?  


Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be making my way across the Mighty Mississippi to visit my sister and niece/nephews....and my weekend begins!


Jodee said...

I enjoyed your random post! The cookies look delish!

Nicole said...

Now wouldn't it be funny if those were the canisters your mom took to Good Will... LOL

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