Cleaning Craze!


I have gotten in to the cleaning groove.  :)

It makes it easier when I have friends that help out.  

My friend Joy and I have planned to help each other until both of our places have been cleaned, purged, and stuff sold/donated/thrown.  

She came over Saturday afternoon.  I went to her place this afternoon.

Yup.  This is good. 

Now I'm on this kick to just sell everything!

 While going through my clothes again, Joy had a fabulous idea. 

Joy's Tip:
Take pictures of the 'sell clothes' as you pull them out of your closet, drawers, etc.
Then fold them up. 

One thing I would do differently:
Write down the Brand & Size {& maybe Color & Description} as you go,
right after you take the picture.

Once I got all the pictures loaded to my computer.....

{A photo of my computer screen. I used Picasa to load photos to my computer.  And the screen shot was just too fun and colorful to not take a picture.}  :)

I then had to go back through and get the brand name and size written down,
since I didn't do that before.

All the clothes had to be handled again.

But, for some reason a few of the items didn't load.
So maybe it was a good thing that I had to go through them all again.

So, if you want to go shopping in my place for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, decorations.....come on over! 
I'll even treat you to a slice of chocolate pudding cheesecake.  :)

Now I have a pile of 'SELL!'...and am hoping it sells soon!

The town I live in, as well as at least another local town, have Facebook pages where you can post things to sell.  What a great idea!  It makes it easy to deliver or pick up things.

I have a bag full of tshirts that will be donated to a local clothing closet as well.  

Maybe cleaning can be fun!  :)


Mom said...

Now you can come to your old house closet and the "town" house and do the same thing.

Nicole said...

When you're done you can come clean my house! :) I would offer that. I'd even make you dinner :)

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