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Have you heard of....

If not, go over there now! 

{Lots of fun stuff and great printables!}

Awhile back Jen had a Creative Contributor Open Call on her blog. 

I debated on whether to apply or not, and figured 'why not!'....so I did.

Monday morning (yesterday) when I went to check my email, I found out I made the cut!
That just made my day!

{And it also explained a new facebook friend request I received that I felt like I should know the person, but couldn't figure out why.}

Throughout the day yesterday, I was catching up on everything regarding getting supplies, a blogging schedule, etc. 
Man, am I excited and overwhelmed at the same time!

We are to provide 2 posts a month...all of the content being exclusive.

I already have the dates for October and November, but need to finalize my ideas.

With that, if any of you have any ideas to share with me of things to make, share, do, please let me know!

For a complete list if topic ideas, go here.

{The fact that I currently live in an apartment, I can't do too many 'home improvement' projects...even though I'd love to!}

So, please send any fun ideas my way!

Just looking at the topics the other ladies have posted, this is going to be fun! 

You will not want to miss out!


Kim said...


Kim said...

Congratulations on your new endeavor!

traci said...

how excitiing. congrats!!!

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