Another Nephew!

On September 9, I became a favorite Aunt again!  :)

I got to meet this little guy just a few days later.
Luckily, work took me over to eastern Iowa, so I spent 2 nights at the farm.  

It was perfect timing to be there!

The little dude was born about 3 weeks before he was scheduled.
And he seemed so little!
BUT....he had some skinny {and long!}arms, legs, fingers, and toes!

I got to hold him a couple of times.  But grandma hogged him most of the time!

Great Grams & Gramps were also there for a little while.

Grandma {my mom} had gone shopping the day before and hit the jackpot at JCPenneys.
She spent $2.57 {I think} and got LOTS of stuff.  At that rate, who wouldn't want new clothes instead of garage sale clothes?

Anyway....Carson LOVES Great Gramps 'walker'.  After he looked at the clothes he'll get to wear, he decided to hang them up.....on Great Gramps walker!

It started with hanging up 2 shirts, then he wanted to hang up everything else.  It was cute!


While at the farm, I took Carson on a couple of tractor rides, a 4wheeler ride, and checked the cattle.

Plus, I don't know how many times he said my name. 
'Coleigh!' was pretty much said every other sentence.  :)


Big brother loves his 'baby brudder'!
However, 'baby brudder'

Random post, I know.

But I told Gina I'd take pictures of her nephews, so needed to post them.
Just too bad I'm the favorite Aunt again.


Love ya sista!  You'll get to see them all soon!


Jodee said...

Congratulations! He is such a handsome little guy!

P.S. I love J.C. Penney's too!

Mindy said...

Congratulations! So, I showed you tonight how the whole doting aunt thing works... tuck your head under the handle to smother nephew in kisses and squeeze cheeks. You're a fast learner, and not a newbie at this whole aunt thing, so call it a quick refresher course. He is adorable!

Jay and Gina said...

Thanks sista! I'll be home in less than three months from now! Just you wait, then I'll be the favorite aunt.... once I convince Carson I'm a real person and not just a computer screen.

On a side note, Carson doesn't seem to look like Adam as much anymore.

traci said...

congratulations. he is adorable. nothing like a new baby.

Nicole said...

awe, how sweet!!!

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