At the Farm! Friday

  Back when I took some kids I was wrangling to the farm with me,
the boys got to do something else new and fun that they haven't done before.

We loaded up in the truck and headed a mile down the road to our neighbors.

It involved a loader tractor....

and a tree full of apples....


 and some 'air' time!  :)

I went up in the loader with each of the boys separately first.
That gave them some time to adjust to the height and learn that it is fun!

Eventually they both wanted to be up there together, so I let them.

After I could no longer reach any more apples on the tree, I got to take pictures,

Dad had the ladder and is taller, so he got to do lots of picking too.

Here is some of the apple bounty we picked.
And this isn't even all of it!

 To end the apple pickin' time, they rode in the back of the truck from our neighbor's to the farm.
They even 'seat belted' themselves in with Joe's rope that he carried around with him.

To date, mom has made:

45 jars of applesauce{will make maybe 9 more today}
a couple batches of apple leather
10 trays of dried apples {using a dehydrator machine}
30 gallon bags of cut up frozen apples {for future crisps and pies and crisps}
numerous apple crisps that have been shared with family and friends

I made an apple mixture for pouring over pork chops and enjoying.  :)

This one apple tree sure has made lots of people happy!

There is nothing like enjoying the 'fruits' of your fun labor!



Nicole said...

Oh wow, looks like they had a BLAST! I wish our apple trees would have produced this year! This crazy a** weather screwed up all our fruit trees :(

Teresa said...

How awesome. I'm disappointed that my tree didn't have a single apple this year.

Mom said...

I did 9 more jars of applesauce and 10 more bags of cut up apples. I am DONE with apples for this year!
Holler when you want some.

Mary said...

You have been busy. I am new here and decided to spend some time browsing through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a great spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Kim said...

It looks like they had a "load" of fun! The fruit trees in our yard didn't do so well this year with the drought.

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