Fallen But Not Forgotten

10 Years ago today.....

I was in an Iowa State University vehicle with some other Agricultural Ambassadors {my brother included} heading to northwest Iowa for an Ag Day we were helping with.

When we heard about the first plane crash on the radio, we didn't think much of it. But eventually, once the second one occurred, we began listening and quit talking! Some diligent station changing occurred as they were coming in and out of frequency while traveling.

Once we got to the farm, we spent the rest of our day working/interacting with the youth visiting the farm {which was a great success!}.

It wasn't until later evening {after returning back to ISU from the Ag Day} that we finally got to see the images we had heard about all day. I was glued to the tv. Because the images were all new to me, I was trying to take in as much as I could.

After hearing about the events/tragedies all day, for me, it wasn't really real until I saw the pictures, videos, and news with my own eyes.

Even though thousands have fallen on that day and days after, the events of that day will not be forgotten.....no matter where we were.

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