At the Farm! Friday

The last weekend in August I took 4 kids I was wrangling to the farm with me.

Even though there was maybe a little grumbling from the older boy{s} about how bored they'd be at the farm with nothing to do,
I won.  :)

They had fun.

How many 'city' kids get to do this?

Yeah, not too many.
The boys had fun driving both the 4-wheeler and the tractor.

I had fun hanging out in the hay field, {supervising} taking pictures.

Coming up for me this weekend....the BIG GAME!

That would be the Iowa State vs Iowa football game...in Ames.

I will NOT be attending the game.

It will be mass chaos in this town, starting tonight!

However, I will be wrangling 2 sets of kids while their parents go to the game.
One set will be getting dropped off at my place around 6:30a,
then we will be heading to Ames to the other sets house by 7a.

I am NOT looking forward to the traffic. 
I will be taking whatever back roads I can for the 10 mile trip there.

Eventually, I'll be loading the kiddos up and heading to Center Grove Orchard.
The Farmyard opens tomorrow!

Then on Sunday, I get to test my tractor driving skills at the Orchard.
I will be the 'chick' tractor driver for the season for the hay rides.

Now where's the lavender tractor when I need it? 

Last year I was in the bakery area.  Somehow I am now driving a tractor.  But I'm looking forward to it!

So...what do you have planned for this weekend?



Millie said...
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Teresa said...

Very good choice to avoid Ames today. I had to get some chicken feed, and I purposely went the other way! I love your pictures! It looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

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