Craft Day #2!

It was an enjoyable time....with maybe a little crafting completed.  


I decided to sleep in, this is what I saw when I finally drove up.

Chalkboard paint on some old/vintage trays. 
{One of the trays isn't painted...that's what they all looked like at first.}

Then spray painted some cans.  None of us decorated the cans while there.
But I will get mine done eventually.

 One of my main projects ended up being a button bracelet.

I had no idea it would take me as long as it did.  But oh well.

First off, I couldn't decide what to make.

Once I did finally decide, I had to figure out what I wanted it to look like.

I started with some frilly elastic I found at Hobby Lobby.  I wasn't looking for this, but sure glad I found it!
I then had to figure out the order I wanted the buttons.  That might have been the hardest part.

 Wait...nevermind.  The hardest part was sewing all the buttons on!

The frilly elastic wasn't as strong as your typical elastic.  So I had to put at least 5 knots at the end of the thread just to get started for each button.  Not fun.  But I did it.

And here are the end results.

I think I like it.

Before I was even done, I already had some ideas of what I would do differently next time.

Now, to make those ideas happen.  :)

In the end, here's a look at my projects.  {The letters are Mindy's....but I WILL be doing this as well with Scrabble tiles.}

I didn't share how the flower was made.  I didn't make it....but it's mine!
I swapped some of my fabric for Angie to make this for me.  Great trade, if I do say so myself.  :)

This craft day was greatly inspired by projects we found on Pinterest.  

Here they are.

Happy Crafting!!!


Jessica said...

You know, your button bracelet could also double as a garter.
..just sayin'...you could expand a market to crafty brides.... :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

SO cute!!! Look who's crafty. I pinned my room for you.

Nicole said...

Oh how fun! Where's my bracelet... LOL :)

Mindy said...

Awesome post! Your final pic turned out so much better than mine! Had lots of fun again!

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