At the Farm! Friday

A little slow in getting this out today, but that's just how it's going to be.

I've had a busy week with work and some extra kid wrangling.

And things won't be slowing down for me at all this weekend.

I wish I could be at the farm doing this....

But instead, I will be here this weekend......

making myself comfortable in one of the tractors, pulling around one of these....
{only I'll be driving a bigger tractor, with a much bigger trailer}

If you are in Central Iowa, or are up for a road trip,
head on out to the Center Grove Orchard this weekend!

You can.....
play in the Farm yard,
jump in the corn pool,
get bounced on the big pillow,
slip down the giant slide,
enjoy a hay ride {possibly driven by yours truly!},
pick some apples,
go hunting for the perfect pumpkin,
and a whole lot more!

A fun place for all ages!


Jodee said...

You are going to have soooo much fun this weekend! I wish we could join you! It sounds like a blast!

Nicole said...

Oh how fun! And what exactly is a corn pool? Sounds interesting!

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