At the Farm! Friday....Howdy Kitchen Style

Awhile back I saw The Pioneer Woman post a delicious looking recipe for

From the abundance of apples a few weeks back,
I knew they would be perfect for this recipe.

Farm fresh apples are the best!
Just too bad I didn't have farm fresh pork chops.
{But these were still delicious!}

I started off by dicing up the apples.  {I also put a little lemon juice on them as I went.}

Then heated up my skillet with butter and EVOO.

{Maybe I let it get a little too brown.}

While things were heating up, I salted and peppered each of the chops.

Like PW, I picked up some boneless pork chops. 
I also got some that were thinner than I've seen before.
I've never had them this thin, but went for it.  They looked good to me!

When done seasoning them, I put them in the skillet.

Either my skillet is little, or the chops were big...but I had to cook them it 2 shifts.


Once the chops are done, I put them on a plate to sit.

Then I dumped in the apples!  And I let it sizzle!  :)

I added in some 2 Buck Chuck {Thanks AMY!},
Apple Cider Vinegar {have NEVER used this for anything other than making Red Velvet Cupcakes...so a new adventure for me}, and let that cook while I stirred.

Once things look good, pour I dumped in some syrup.
There was no measuring involved at this point.  :)

And because it was in my pantry beside the syrup, I decided to add some brown sugar to this mix.
Then I decided to add in a little cinnamon as well.
I have no idea why I did it, but it tasted great!

Now that I think of it, I think it's because the apple cider vinegar was a little strong.
I didn't like it.  I needed to get rid of it.
Brown sugar and cinnamon was the trick!  :)

Finally, once the apples are looking lovely in their 2 Buck Chuck, syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon bath, it was time to put the pork chops in the mix.

Let's just say...my skillet got full!

I turned the heat down a little, and let it simmer for awhile.

When I had enough of having to wait and needed to eat,
I took out one of the chops, a spoonful of the apples and goodness, and enjoyed!

Honestly, I think I had it all gone within 5 minutes.


I pretty much inhaled the meal.  It was DELICIOUS!

For the full recipe, head over to PW's post.
You won't be sorry. 

Well, maybe you will...because then you will have to make it and won't want to wait to eat it.

But it's worth it!  Enjoy!



traci said...

that looks really good nicole. a great fall meal.

Kim said...

It looks yummy to me!

Teresa said...

Looks like you're making the most of all those apples!

Nicole said...

um... I might be coming for dinner ;)

Shirley Pumpkin said...


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