State Fair Junkie

Hi.  My name is Nicole.

I'm a State Fair junkie.


August 11:
Ate a corn dog {at a stand where they brush on the ketchup (and mustard if you are weird like that)}.
Shared a bag of mini donuts with some lovely ladies.
Walked around a little.
Enjoyed the concert of Sanctus Real and Casting Crowns.

August 13:
Ate fried cheese curds. {Absolutely delicious!!  I will be eating them again.}
Small bag of mini donuts.
Danced in a flash mob in the Grand Concourse area.
Lots of walking.
Various animals.
Enjoyed time with my brother's family {especially my little nephew}.

August 14:
Ate a yummy pork burger.
LOTS of walking and sightseeing.
Saw more various animals.
Loved hearing Carson 'call' as many of the livestock that he could.  :)
Enjoyed time with my brother's family again.
Ended the night with a free concert by Jason Michael Carroll.  {It was great!}

Yet To Do At The Fair:
Eat a Red Velvet Funnel Cake!!
Tour the 4-H Building.
Attend more free concerts.
Visit the Cultural Center.
Spend more time with the family.
Whatever else I can find to do.


I'll be back in a couple of days.  

What's on your fair must eat/must see/must do list?  Please share!


traci said...

i love a good fair too. you have some great performers at yours. jason michael carroll was at our county fair last year.

Kim said...

each & every one of the buildings! cultural center, ag building, 4H building, grandstand shops, heritage village, varied industries, & the barns!! I love it all!! I would stay up there if I could!

Nicole said...

I wish our state fair was closer! It's 3-4 hours away :( I used to spend my summers between our county, district and state fairs! I miss it!

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