At the Farm! Friday

Love him!

I wonder if dad would let me tear this apart,
and then flatten the panel that says 'Pride of the Farm'.

 I wonder what I could take off the truck and repurpose.

I like this shot.  Just too bad it's north of the house, where no one can see it.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love seeing photos of farms :)


Mom said...

Hey.......... I have a great idea! You come to the farm and help me go through all that JUNK so we can get rid of it!

Dad said...

I'm trying to figure out why there are bullet holes in my hog feeder.... Believe me, those panels don't flaten easily.

You can have the box off the truck. There must be something wrong with it since it is sitting crooked!

Nicole said...

What is the thing that says Pride of the Fair?

basebell6 said...

great photos!! visiting from farmchick's friday photo bloghop!

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