Marker Tin Makeover

Welcome to another product makeover.

Is it normal to get something new with the intent of changing it to fit your needs?

Well, it seems like that has happened to me lately.

Why?  Because I like the product, but don't like how it looks.

After getting some new markers awhile back, I have been on the hunt for a container to hold them.
Sadly, I couldn't find anything that wasn't cheap plastic, the size I needed, and something I wasn't embarrassed to carry.  :)

I did pick up one pencil box, but it was much to small.

In the end, I decided on this beauty.

Isn't it just lovely?

Well, maybe if I was a 7 year old!

But look at how nicely it holds my markers!


While volunteering with 4-H {to sit in a room all day to keep watch over clothes and belongings}, I decided to get rid of Tinkerbell and friends.

When I left this morning, I just threw some things in a bag...not really planning like I should have.

First up, make a pattern for the lid....with the cardboard from the new fabric scissors I brought with me.


I then cut out the pattern with my little crafting scissors.  Glad I remembered to throw those in the bag!

 I then traced the pattern on the material...with a brown pen I had in my purse.


When I cut out the material, I cut outside the line, not knowing how much room I will need to go over the edges of the tin.  I had to cover up the sides, because the Tink & gals pattern went to the sides of the lid as well.

Once I had it cut out nicely, I Mod Podged just the top of the lid, then placed the material on top.
I let that dry first.  Then I folded the material down the sides, and trimmed it up a little more, so it would look nice.
After I had it all trimmed, I cut little triangles in each of the 'corners' on the lid.
The reason for that was so when I folded the material down, I could overlap them a little to make the corners not so bulky.
I did have to trim some a little more if there was still too much material.

 I then Mod Podged one side at a time, cleaning up the excess MP as I went.

Here is me new and greatly improved marker tin.

Because this is a little tin container, I might line it with some felt or something, just to help cut down on the noise factor when I'm carrying it around with me.

 Using material to makeover a tin gives me some ideas of things I could do with all the tins that mom has at the farm.  I've seen lots of people spray paint them, which is very nice.  But I think a little pattern and texture is always nice.

I do have the intent of adding a little more to the lid.....think ruffles.

That will have to wait for another day, when I remember the glue gun.

Next time you go thrifting for tin containers or find a pencil box your niece/nephew would love, don't be afraid to have some fun with it!

 Happy Crafting!


Kim said...

that is the prettiest marker tin EVER! great tutorial! thanks for sharing!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

super cute! I haven't tried that with fabric, just paper...now you've given me some ideas!!!

thanks for stopping by and helping me out! Pretty frustrated with blogger right now. I can't comment on certain blogs with my name showing, either. It comes up 'anonymous' UGH!!!

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