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Last week {at least I think it was last week!}, after a fun shopping trip a few days prior, I got together with my friend Mandy of MandyBee Photography.  Why?  Well, because I enjoy wrangling her little red headed boys.  But also, to help with the props for her recent addition to her photography services....a ShootBooth. 

 This is a new and fun thing that lots of people are doing at events, weddings, birthday parties, girls nights, just because, etc.

There are so many fun possibilities that one could do at a ShootBooth.  To help with the fun, Mandy and I thought it would be a wise idea to get props and things that were more than just cardstock paper.  When lots of people use cardstock/scrapbook paper props numerous times throughout a night, they will get very flimsy.  Not good!

Some of the props....sunglasses, tiaras, hats, bow ties/hair bows, feather boas, butterfly wand, and mustaches.

For the tiaras, they did have hair combs attached to them, but they were easy to remove.  I then added a stick to them all with the glue gun.

Let it be known, the glue gun is what made this evening of crafting a success.  Without the glue gun, I don't know if it would have gotten done.

While getting supplies at the party store, I came across some 'real' mustaches!  Loved them!  But they were the kind with the sticky back, that you just stick to your face.  How do you make them work for a ShootBooth?  Cut out some black foam board, hot glue and stick them to the board, then hot glue a stick to the board as well.

I also brought along my stash of material, and we made 'real' bow ties.  Again, black foam board was used.  To attached the material to the board, spray adhesive is what makes it happen.

I also printed off some props from Oh Happy Day.  These too were put on to foam board with spray adhesive, then had a stick added to them. 

Here are my 2 favorite hats. 
One is obvious, and the other....maybe not so much.  I don't know why I like it, I just do.  :)

Now how about seeing all these items in use!

  Thanks MandyBee for letting me help with making the fun props!  :)

 What ShootBooth prop/pose ideas do you have to share? 
{Even though not shown, MandyBee does have some big frames as well.}

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Nicole said...

Oh wow, such great ideas to make them more than just construction paper types! Love it!

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