At the Farm! Friday

What a full day of fun at the farm!

Having the niece and 3 of the nephews around makes for a fun time.

This morning started out with Jacob getting to go to town with Grandpa {dad}.  After playing outside for a little while, I took Jacquelyn and Alex out on the 4-wheeler and toured the farm.

First stop....had to check the crops.

Jacquelyn was certain they were taller than the beans.....correct!

Then she was sure they were taller than the corn......wrong!  :)

Played on Uncle Adam's bales.

Pulled some tassels out of the seed corn....that shouldn't have been there!  I guess the detasselers were slacking!

After lunch, I took the 3 older kids to the local pool for a couple hours.  I haven't been there in years, but the kids had a fun time.  It helped that it wasn't too busy. 

During nap time, I helped grandma {mom} with husking the sweet corn my brother brought {the sweet corn on the farm isn't ready yet}.

Apparently I wore the kids out today.  I woke them all up after 5:30 to go and check out the helicopter that was spraying the crops.

Just Jacob and Alex joined me for this bit of fun.  And they loved it!  We first headed 'below the road' to get a better view.  With all the trees right around the house, we couldn't see the helicopter.  But grandpa {dad} drove back on the 4-wheeler and told us to head down to the gravel road to see the 'copter' land and fill up.  Again, the boys loved it!

The 'copter making a pit stop to fill up.

Of course, dad had to be up close.  He's the guy standing on the road!  :)

A neighbor also stopped by.  His fields were going to get sprayed as well.

Eventually, we decided to head back to the house.  It was supper time!

That means.....SWEET CORN!

The best part, watching Carter try to eat his first ear of corn.

 He sure gave it a good try.  He doesn't have the correct technique down quite yet....but I'm sure he'll get there someday.  :)

Once everyone got all the butter and corn cleaned off their face/arms/hands, the kids all went out to the little pool in the backyard.  I even got Carter's suit on him as well, since he missed out on the fun at the big pool.  I think he could be a little fish.  He even got his face wet a few times, and didn't think much of it.

But after about 20 minutes, I decided he'd {I'd} had enough.  Plus, it's hard to hold up a slippery little baby in a small pool, with 3 other kids in there.
So we went inside to help Grandma and Grandpa freeze the rest of the corn we husked. 
What a mess.  But it's all party of the process.

Tomorrow {Saturday}will be another fun and full day.  I don't know what's in store for the day. But I know breakfast will be delicious twist donuts from the LaPorte City Bakery.  {They are always a much welcomed breakfast treat!}  I'm certain there will be some swimming in the little pool.  Probably more 4-wheeler rides.  And who knows what else.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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traci said...

a busy, joy filled day on the farm. nothing better.

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