At the Farm! Friday

Well, it seems that summer is finally starting to slow down for me.

Earlier this week, I spent 3 days touring 4 colleges with some of our students, over in eastern Iowa.  It was an enjoyable time!  My parents even joined the group for one evening, since we had extra {paid} tickets for the Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball game.

Now, it looks like I'll be having more time at home/office.

These farm pictures are from this past weekend when I made it a 4-day weekend at the farm.  :)

My older sister wanted some pictures of her kids in overalls.  For how hot it was, I think the kids did well.

Here's one of the pictures I took.  

Yes, it focuses on the little guy, but I love it!  :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

I will be spending my weekend digging myself out of my apartment.  


Well, while checking my dashboard of blogs, I decided to link up at Fresh from the Farm.

Head on over to check out the other farm photos!


Mom said...

I see J has her "China pose" going there.

Nicole said...

Oh such a great photo of the kids in overalls! Love it! and the rest of the photos too!

gtyyup said...

Love your kid shot...classic! My fav is the tree and field...picture perfect~

Alana Jo said...

What a cute little guy.

Jodee said...

Love the farm pictures! So cute!

Farmchick said...

Thanks so much for linking up today. Loved looking at your photos. :)

West Side of Straight said...

Great photos. Love farm fields and the different colors. Love to fly over farms this time of year. The colors are so beautiful. Great pictures, and the baby is so cute!

traci said...

gotta love the farm. the hay bales by the shade tree...perfect spot for some photos. cute shot of the kiddos.

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