At the Farm! Friday

So all the kiddos have been at the farm this week.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to head back there to visit them. 

But, I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures from their little photo shoot.


Don't they look like they are really saying 'WE LOVE OUR AUNT!'?
Yup.  I think they are.  :)

 Well, maybe I added the little writing to the side.  

But still, I love the picture...even without the kiddos declaring their love of me.

 I will be enlarging this picture for myself.  It belongs in my home.

And, because kids and feet are usually fun. 
Especially with pant legs of the bibs rolled up.

Lastly, because this truck is sitting 'out back', and needed some photo love.

Happy Friday!

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


Nicole said...

The leg shot is absolutely precious! And I like the truck photo too!

traci said...

those are too darned cute. love the overalls with no shirts. total country boy!

Kristin said...

*love* the photo!! Oh and what precious farm kids!

Kim said...

adorable!! thinking wrapped canvas for gma/gpa of the feet! Merry Christmas!

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