Howdy Kitchen: Printable Conversion Chart


How is everyone doing?

If you are living in the Midwest, I hope you have been loving the weather this week!  

It absolutely rocks!  Best of all, the Iowa State Fair begins tomorrow {Thursday}. 
I'll be heading there after work, getting to enjoy Casting Crowns and Sanctus Real.

Oh, and of course, FAIR FOOD! 

I will be sure to take pictures.  :)

Anyway, I came across this nice printable via Tip Junkie that I wanted to share. 
Sometimes while in the kitchen, when needing to alter recipes,
I can't always remember how things should be converted.

I will be printing this off for myself, and sticking it in a drawer or on a door.

Head on over to PluckyMomo to print off your own Conversion Chart.


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