Howdy Kitchen: Bake Pops?!?

The commercials one can see when staying up after the evening news.  :)

Usually they are lame.....but I saw a pretty awesome one tonight!


I'm a big fan of Bakerella and all her cake pops.  Her creations and ideas are just fabulous!

With the typical cake pops, you bake a cake as normal, then crumble it up and add a tub of frosting to it.  Then eventually form the cake into the shape that you want.  Balls, mini cupcakes, Christmas trees, whatever.

With the new Bake Pop pan, it bakes the cake mix in the pop {ball} form. 

The ease of the pop shape makes me want to try these.  But, I wonder how they will taste compared to the other typical cake pops. 

So Bake Pops....if you are reading this, feel free to send me a set of the pans to try!

Otherwise, I'm guessing I will be adding this to my Amazon wishlist.  

{Shoot.  Now I am in the mood for cake!}

If anyone decides to buy/try this product, let me know how it works!  


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