Howdy Kitchen: Taco Skillet

Unfortunately, I did not take any picture of this dish.  But trust me, it's tasty!

While walking through Fareway to get a few much needed items that I haven't had in my frig for a few weeks {that's what you get when eating on campus for 2 weeks, lots of kid wrangling, and a week long work trip}, I cruised by the Mexican food aisle.  I quickly made up my mind that I would be having something of the sort tonight.  I remember having a taco-skillet-type-dish that a friend made, using Hamburger Helper.  But, I decided I wanted to make it on my own.  So I picked up a packet of Spanish Rice, and that's where it all started. The back had a great recipe for a taco skillet {which of course, I altered for my liking}.  Luckily, I had everything else on hand.  But, I decided to just buy 1 pound of ground beef, so I didn't have to thaw what was in my freezer.

Ingredients {that I used}:
1 pound {or more} ground beef, browned & drained
rice {I used a packet of Spanish rice, but I think any rice would do.  If using whatever rice on hand, I'm guessing 1.5-2 cups would be sufficient.}
1 can corn, drained
1 packet taco seasoning
shredded cheese
Once the beef is browned and drained, return it back to the skillet {pan} and add 1 2/3 or so cup of water.  Bring it back to boil and add taco seasoning.  Add the rice packet and stir.  Get that to a boil again, then add corn and let simmer until rice is cooked.  About 10 minutes or so.  Somewhere in there, I threw in plenty of cheese.  There can never been enough cheese!  :)

To serve, I dished this up in a bowl, and used tortilla chips to eat it.  It would have also been great with corn chips, served as a plate taco, wrapped up in a flour tortilla, or eaten out of the bowl with a spoon.

Thankfully, after sharing some with my friend Amy after connection group, there is still plenty left for me to bring to work! 

Here are some other ideas for taco-type skillet meals I found at Kraft Foods & Woman's Day

Cheesy Beef-Corn Chip Skillet

Quick-Fix Beef Burrito Skillet

Hopefully all of those will give you some grand ideas that you can use to make a skillet to fit the mood or food preference of you/your family.  I will definitely be making this again.  Well, maybe not exactly the same, since there are lots of great options out there. 

Have fun with it! 

That's one of the joys of cooking!  :)

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