Photo Challenge Fun!

The other day on The Pioneer Woman Photography, the challenge was 'Phone Photos'.

Well, if I would have an iPhone, then this photo would be a true phone photo. :)
But, I don't.  I took it with my iPad instead.  I figured that it was the same company, same concept, so it's all good. 
I used the Instagram photo feature that is usually for iPhones, but I decided to add it to my iPad.

I submitted this photo.....

I took this en route to Yellowstone National Park....heading west in Wyoming.

Low and behold, I made the cut to get my photo posted!


Head on over to The Pioneer Woman Photography to check out the post/picture. 

My photo is posted with Group 3, photo #6.

Someday maybe I will get a phone that has a fun photo feature.  But until then, the iPad will have to do to take the fun pics.

How many of you have fun photo editing capabilities on your phone?  And what type of phone is it?  I get to shop around for a new phone in a couple months, so I might as well start my research now!



Mindy said...

that's awesome! i thought about putting the one of luke sliding into homeplate on the action contest, but never got around to it. i hope you get a win or a mention or something like that1

Holly Kasperbauer said...

So jealous that you made her cut! Congrats!

Kristin said...

whoot whoot girl!! i new it right when i saw your photo!! eeee!!


traci said...

that's awesome nicole. i love that app, but i don't have the iphone either. didn't know i could do it with the ipad.

Jodee said...

Great picture!

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