Howdy Kitchen: Bacon Pancakes!

While cruising around on Pinterest, I saw this picture!

What?  How have I not thought of this before??

{Did you look closely at the pitcher the batter is being poured from?  Yup.  I must make these!}

I will admit, I have tried  'pigs in a blanket', but using sausage links and pancakes instead.

But this makes so much more sense!  I love breakfast foods.  I can guarantee you that this will be attempted.

I also thought it would be easy to do with sausage patties.  Or, get some links, put them on a stick, dip them in batter, then cook them up.

Oh man.  This could be fun.

Just a tip before I have even tried them.....be sure that the meat is cooked to your liking before you add the pancake batter.  For me, I like crispy bacon.  So we'll have to see if that can be achieved!

Let me know how it turns out for you if you try it!  :)


Anonymous said...

That's a new idea for me, generally I crumble bacon into the pancakes. Try adding mini chocolate chips, it's delicious! We like the salty/sweet combo! :) -Rachel N.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I am forwarding this post to Chef Daddy immediately! Our family would love this!

I have joined the Pinterest world but don't know what to do quite yet!

Mindy said...

Uh, no thanks. But I'm sure you'll love them!

Nicole said...

and since I'm reading these behind... the bacon would so be my style (vs the sausage)

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