Buyer Beware: Borders

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This is just a friendly {public service announcement} heads up about the Borders stores closing.
If you are unaware, all stores will be closing their doors soon.

Their prices aren't all that grand! 

I went to my local Borders store Saturday evening, wanting to pick up 2 books I've had my eye on.

Sadly, they were only 10-20% off cover price.  After checking Amazon.com, the books were up to $5 cheaper each online than at Borders {with the discount included}.  I left Borders empty handed.

{Maybe this is why they are going out of business?}  It's always sad to see a store having to close it doors.  But I'm all about saving money when shopping at a big store.

Just be sure you do some price checking before you go shopping at Borders.  Their doors close on July 31 {I think}.  Maybe {hopefully} the discounts will increase as the week goes on. 

If anyone does go there this week and sees that the prices have been cut/discounts increased, please let me know!


Hollie said...

Yep we discovered that too when we went on Sunday...Not good deals at all. We did buy an already clearanced book for 4$ but we were very disappointed in the prices for a store that is needing to get rid of inventory.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

I agree Hollie. When I went, there were so many people...which I don't normally see lines at the checkout! People see 'store closing'...and instantly think/expect savings. But not always the case.

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