Watkins Love!

Watkins.....I remember growing up with this name at the farm.

But it wasn't the name of any of my family members, pets, livestock, or machinery.  It was the name of some 'go to' products in the house. 

Over the years, not as much Watkins has been used at the farm, but there has always been one staple.

This salve helped/fixed everything! 
From burns, cuts, blisters, and sores, to unknown things one got while outside. 

Treatment typically involved cleaning the wound or the area, applying the salve to the wound or area, then cover with a band-aid. 

This weekend while attending a small town celebration, I was tooling around the park area.  Under a nice big tent, I came across a lady that was selling Watkins products!  I couldn't believe it!  For awhile now, I had been wanting to find the salve somewhere, but wasn't sure where.  Low and behold, I find it in Stuart, IA, at the Good Egg Days.

However, the salve was NOT the only thing I got that day.  I also decided to pick up some real vanilla!  I can't seem to get enough vanilla in my foods when I bake, so was happy to get some good stuff.  I also picked up some cinnamon.  I'm excited to use both of those! 

For awhile now, Target has been carrying Watkins hand soaps, cleaners, and some other things I can't remember.  Back when I finally found them, I was so excited!  The soap is fabulous!

I have this magnet on my frig that says 'If the boot fits, buy every color!'.

Yup!  That's what I like to do.  If I find a product, clothing, dishes, craft item, etc that I really like, I often buy it in many colors and flavors.  So, I might as well do it with Watkins products as well!

What is your favorite Watkins product? 
Is there another almost forgotten product that you used years ago?

And yes, I am posting this at about 1:30a.  There were tornado warnings in the area tonight.  A tornado spotted not too far from me, and making its way up to the farm.  So, like any good daughter who is awake at 12:45 in the morning, watching the news and hearing them talk about the tornado and how it's heading to where the farm is located, I call the farm.  Sure, it took a couple of tries to wake up mom and dad, but I'm okay with that.  I would rather wake them up to be safe and have nothing happen in the end, then to not call and something does happen.

Hopefully things are okay across the state!  It feels like we have had thunderstorm warnings/tornado watches the past couple/three days.  I'm ready for a break from the rain!  Send it down south where all the fires are.


traci said...

i hope the bad weather stayed away from you and the farm.

i remember when my mom would splurge and buy the watkins vanilla. it was so much better than mccormicks.

Lori said...

I seek out Watkin's products too. I think a lady in Conrad sells it in her cobbler shop. I've seen it other places so I stock up. :)

Jessica said...

YES! PLEASE send it down south to the fires! Holy cow - five different fires are burning here in "Blazing Arizona." Two of them sprang up over the weekend and we could see the haze in Tucson on Sunday. Yes, we could use some rain here! It hasn't rained in 73 days. Can you believe that?

Mindy said...

I remember seeing Watkins at the county fair. And I bought some dish soap at Target, but I didn't like it. Bummer.
And I remember salve. I don't know that it was Watkins, but it was salve.

Cindy said...

I found your blog thru Faded Charm and I love it! I love the post on Watkins, reminds me of my grandmother! I have been watching the Decorah Eagles nestcam! Beautiful country up there!

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