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During my 5 day weekend last weekend {Yes, I said 5 day weekend!  Vacation day on Friday to wrangle some little boys.  Saturday and Sunday were helping with and attending/dancing my friends wedding.  Monday was a holiday.  Tuesday was my comp day.} I was invited to crash a card party of some friends on Friday night.  :)  I talked 3 of the moms into letting me take 5 of the 6 girls (because 1 was too old for the activity, and the other mom has 2 boys...no girls) to Reiman Gardens for story time.  My ride was almost filled to the max.  Just 1 empty seat...shot gun. We all got loaded up, buckled up, and strapped into any needed carseats.  

Our time started out with the kids coloring a picture of a frog, followed by 2 books that were read to them.

Then it was craft time!  The theme of the stories was about insects and frogs eating them.
The craft was making a plate of insects.

We eventually made our way to tour the rest of the gardens, via a quick trip to Target for some sunscreen and stopping by B-Bop's for lunch.

Where we saw lots of 'giant' insects!

Who's afraid of a big spider?!

Well, one of the gals wasn't a big fan of it.  :)
Checking out the dragonfly in the pond.

Showing their sassy selves!

The dragonfly with a couple of ants in the background.

Now back inside, we took a quick! trip around a room {that I forgot the name of} and saw some ants on parade!

Our last stop for the day, the Butterfly Wing.  Again, this was a quick trip through, because it was so hot/humid.

All in all, we had a fabulous time!  I think the ladies were good and tired by the time they got home.  I know I was tired!  

Thanks moms for letting me take your girls on a fun girly outing
Let's do it again.  :)

If you are a member of Reiman Gardens or are thinking of getting a membership, there is free story time every other Tuesday at 10am, from April through September. 
If you don't have a membership,  you will just have to pay the admission fee to get in. 

What a fun way to spend a few hours on Tuesdays. 

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