Shooting Fun

Well, shooting some photos at a wedding fun, that is.  :)

Three Saturdays ago, I got to back-up shoot at a wedding with my friend Mandy

It was quite an experience. 

I learned some about lighting {or lack there of inside our church auditorium}.  I learned to just take pictures as I see fit.  I learned that it is okay to keep with my own style.  I learned.....I have so much more to learn!  Especially about my camera and how to use it in different ways.

But, here are a few pictures that Mandy altered, once I handed over my pictures for her to play with. 

This last one, I altered and played with on my own. 
Yes, there are things I'd like to change in it, but I still like it.  :)

I had a fabulous time.  I enjoyed just being there and having fun with the camera.

One time before, I photographed a friend's wedding on my own.

But....in the end, I enjoyed just being there and try to catch some moments while other photographs were being taken.

Let me know when I can do this again Mandy!


Tracy said...

{just popped over from Jeanne Oliver|

I will be doing a second shooter role at a wedding this summer! I'd love any tips since you just experience the same! And I'll say - I'm jealous that you snagged one of the camera bags from Jeanne from last fall. I was too late to the game.

traci said...

what a wonderful job you did. she had to be so thrilled with the images. i really, really, love the composition of the second photo. awesome.

Kim said...

gorgeous photos!!! I love your angles!

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