Howdy Kitchen: Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream!

If you like whipped cream, you will LOVE this chocolate whipped cream.

Believe it or not, making your own whipped cream is actually quite simple.

I'm sure there are other/better recipes to make whipped cream, but this was a recipe I used on the Key Lime Cheesecake....but I doctored it up.

Cast of characters!

Recipe I used:

1/2 cup Whipping Cream
1 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp cocoa powder

To start, you will want to have a chilled bowl.
{Somewhere I learned that a chilled bowl helps the cream get whipped faster...so that's what I do.}

As I went to get the whipping cream, this is what you would have seen.  :)

Combine the sugar and cocoa powder together, and whisk.
Or, if you have a sifter/mesh strainer....do that instead.

Add in whipping cream. 
I whisk it together a little bit, just to try to get more of the cocoa chunks out before I begin mixing.

Now mix it together.

Just keep mixing...

just keep mixing...

Stopped to scrape the sides a little bit...

and added in a pour of honey.
{I'm not always exact in my baking/cooking...and it hasn't killed me yet!}

Now get back to mixing!

Almost there, but not quite yet.

Now it's ready!

I then cut the corner off a baggie, added in a piping tip, then put the whipped cream in the bag.

{That's what you have to do when you order a piping/decorating kit online...but it never gets to you!}

Because I had a block of cream cheese sitting in my frig that I needed to use, I decided to make mini strawberry lemonade cheesecakes.

Plus, it seemed like the perfect thing to add the chocolate whipped cream to.

Topped with a malted milk Easter egg!

Oh, here's the crust that I use.  I just twist apart Oreos, and you have an instant crust!

Flavors that could be added to whipped cream:
root beer
whatever else tastes good!  :)


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mommakris38 said...

Um....Well....YUM is the only word that comes to mind!!!

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